The Harbor District

This district is a somewhat confusing mix of government offices and guard posts, warehouses and tenements, private and public docks, waterfront dives, and impromptu bazaars. Due to the varied nature of the people who pass through this district, accommodations and services in the Customs District range from unseemly to lavish.

The River District

The River District, which includes the westernmost gates of Riverhold, is a rowdier, seedier version of The Customs District. Most trade coming inland along the river is done through the wharfs in this district, and most inland visitors get their first taste of life in the city here.

The Crafter’s District

Although this area was once the center of manufacturing within Riverhold, it is now notable not as much for its industry as for its ostentatiously adorned guild halls and the buildings and services necessary to provide for the members of those guilds. Private security is more prevalent here than in any other area of the city, and only the Garden District surpasses it in terms of wealth and luxury.

The Refuge

A run-down mix of tenement slums, haphazard shanties, and immigrant ghettos, The Refuge is rampant with crime, sickness, and poverty.


Old Hill

The Old Hill district was once the center of Riverhold. In more recent times, it has become a largely lower to middle class area that seems to always be slowly on the decline. Although the buildings are often in need of repair, and conditions are usually somewhat lacking, many honest citizens manage to live and raise their families here.

The Garden District

This district has traditionally served as the noble’s quarter, but today only about one half of the city’s noble families live here. Lavishly appointed homes, vast gardens, domed conservatories, and well tended public spaces are the norm in this area, although some businesses, chiefly those serving the very rich, can also be found here.

The Palace

Once the home of the old monarchy, this sprawling estate now serves as a meeting space for the assembly and residence for the high council. Other rooms and buildings provide headquarters for various government groups.

The Market District

The Temple District

Although churches and shrines are spread throughout the city, it is in The Temple District that one may find the oldest, grandest, and most established civic bases of religion. Many wealthy citizens and noble families also make their homes here, and the district boasts a smaller, safer, and more expensive bazaar than can be found in The Market District.

The Academy

The newly sanctioned Academy District is part of the city’s plan to revitalize education, training, and technological progress. As foundations are poured and lecture halls and dormitories are constructed, residents of the impoverished area are being forced to find new homes. This has caused an influx of people into the already crowded and poverty-stricken areas of The Refuge, Eastwall, and Old Hill.

The Mill District

The Garrison District

The Meadows

Trader’s Field


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