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Government/Civic Factions -

Notable factions within the local government include:

  • The Office of Civic Works: The Chief Engineer and his appointed Civic Foremen are the nominal heads of this government group, and these public figures are almost invariably members of the Engineer’s Guild. The office also hires members and contracts work from numerous other guilds, giving this government organization considerable political and economic clout.
  • The Excise Office: The Treasurer and his appointed Reeves are the official regulators of all tax and commerce matters, and getting a reliable contact within this infrastructure can be quite beneficial to anyone with an eye towards financial enterprise, legitimate or otherwise. The Excise Office consists of three branches:
    • Central: Located near the palace in the Garden District.
    • East: Based within the massive stone customs house in the Harbor District.
    • West: Occupying a cluster of buildings in the River District.
  • The City Watch:
  • The Courts:
  • The Prison:
  • The Military:

Citizen’s Groups

Notable citizen’s groups include:

  • The Old Hill Militia: A citizen-run group of volunteers that patrols the streets of The Old Hill District. This citizen’s militia is almost invariably made up of local residents professing a desire to simply protect their homes and families, but recent acts of extreme vigilantism have provoked serious inquiries from the City Watch.
  • The Temperance Committee: A largely unpopular and bothersome group, The Temperance Committee seeks to strengthen the moral fiber of Riverhold’s citizenry. Although its membership consists primarily of commoners with an affectation for religious zealotry, several prominent

Other Groups

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